2018 Awana Games

The date:  Saturday, March 3rd

The place:  Grace Waldorf

The event:  Annual Awana T&T Games and Sparks-a-Rama

Picture this – it’s 9 am.  13 excited and nervous Sparkies, under the cool and confident leadership of Mr. Scott and Mr. Jim, anxiously await their turn for the team.  Miss Tanya takes on the unexpected duty of Line Judge all in stride and takes her place, arms high and poised for the start.  All ready and quiet.  Then – AIR HORN BLAST – and they’re off!!  Racing around the Game circle, tossing bean bags, passing balloons and then frantically attempting to sit on them and pop them before the other teams!!  The Sparks team played their hearts out and had loads of fun doing it.  All in all, it was a great time!  Our Sparks Team came in 3rd place on their circle!  Here’s what some of our Sparkies had to say about the Games. Carter Edmonds:  “Bean bag bowling was my favorite because it was hard.  I like new things.” Jalina Bauckman:  “If I could do any game again, I would do the 3 laps around the circle.” Shepherd Edmonds:  “I felt good after the Games!” It’s now high noon.  Drum roll…… and FINALLY, after an hour delay, the T&T Team lines up on their color line, ready for the Games to begin!!  Another AIR HORN BLAST, and the games definitely increase in intensity as the competitors race against each other.  Tactics come into play at this next level, and under the savvy leadership of Coach Kip, Mr. Justin and Mr. Nick, the T&T kids come alive!  Kids on wheels are pushed and pulled every which way, scarfing up plastic balls into baskets in Hungry, Hungry Humans.  The girls and boys team each ran the three-legged race with finesse and speed.  Tossing bean bags in perfect rhythm, back and forth like clockwork, they vied for the win.  Alas, at the end it was the third place prize that was brought home, but their sportsmanship and teamwork were First Place all the way!!  What did they have to say about the day? Julia Bauckman:  “My most favorite part of the Awana Games was being able to compete with siblings and friends and that my Mom was able to come and watch.” Josiah Kennedy:  “My favorite game was the bean bag toss.  It took a lot of strategizing to get it right.  It was fun cooperating with everyone and playing the games.” Evie Kennedy:  “I definitely want to do this again next year!” Thank you to all of the Games participants, coaches, and parents for their support.  What a fun day!! ]]>