Last night, the High School Youth came together to celebrate Christmas at Snowflake Manor in the small town of Holly Hills and I was fortunate enough to attend the gala.  This annual tacky sweater shindig has become a favorite gathering for this group.  The time to visit with friends is the draw to attend, but the bonfire, s’mores, cookies, various chips and dips along with the abounding Christmas decorations didn’t hurt.    Those in attendance included everyone from Martha May Bells and Sam Manger, to Ginger Starry, Clark Griswall, Howie Langston and Ralphie Chestnut – just to name a few.  Chris Kringle, Merry North and Cindy Lou Schwartz even made an appearance.

The night took an unexpected turn around 7:00 pm when our host, Henry Holiday, announced that something awful had happened to Ginger Starry.  No one was allowed to leave until the clues had been gathered and the mystery of the night’s event was solved!  The group worked together to unravel the evidence and led to the discovery that none other than Sam Manger was at fault for the shenanigans!

This fun night of suspense really was a fantastic night of fellowship.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the teens work together to solve the puzzle using thought-provoking discussion.  They ended the evening with a Secret Santa gift exchange where each package included a note of encouragement written to the gift recipient.  This really is a youth group who cares, encourages and supports one another with the ultimate goal of helping each other grow in Christ.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to our lovely host – Henry Holiday (otherwise known as Youth Director, Nathan Orlandi).   As we close out 2017, I am excited to see what new and fun things the youth group will do next year.

Submitted by: Aimee Reynolds

December 18, 2017