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Calvert Carries Out

June 7, 2020 - June 20, 2020

God has been giving us so many ways to carry the love of Jesus to our community these past several weeks, and we are always looking for new opportunities to love our community for Jesus in practical ways. One new way we are going to invite you to carry the love of Jesus to those around us is to help our local restaurants by carrying out some food from their establishments.


Each week we will feature ONE particular restaurant from our community that we will encourage everyone in our church family who is able, to get a meal or a gift card from. This will be a way to let them know God cares about their everyday needs as well as their eternity. They will be blessed by the love of Jesus we carry in, and we will be blessed by the great food we carry out.


The key to God getting the glory in this, however, is not to just anonymously make the purchase. If you click here, you can print a “Thank You” card we have online. Simply cut it in half on the dotted line, fold it, write a note inside, and hand it to the cashier when you pay for your order. The card lets them know our Calvert Grace family is praying for them, appreciates them and that our purchase was a way to let them know God loves them. The card can also be used anywhere you are being served by someone these days.


If you want to color the card, add your own note of thanks, make your own card, that would be great as well. 


So, friends, take a look at our first Calvert Carries Out Restaurant of the Week, and let’s carry the love of Jesus to our Calvert restaurant community this week… actually you can pick ANY of the restaurants we’ve featured. This week it’s up to you. We encourage you to use those thank you cards and go a step further in building a relationship with someone. Remember the point of this is not just to help restaurants during a hard time. It’s also to be true to our calling as believers by carrying out the love of Christ in sharing the gospel.



This week carry out from… dealer’s choice!