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We are beginning our 2nd Fight Club here at GBC – CHAPTER 2.  Whether you participated in Fight Club before, or this is your first time, we invite all men of GBC to join in this 10-week journey.  The registration for Chapter 2 of Fight Club will be $30.00, which will cover t-shirts, awards and items needed for our Friday night meetings.

Meeting Schedule: 

Friday, Feb. 1 – Opening Ceremony – 9:00pm in Family Life Center of GBC

Friday, March 15 – Meeting – 9:00pm tat Poston’s Fitness in Dunkirk

Friday, April 28 – Closing Ceremony – 6:00pm in the sanctuary at GBC

REGISTRATION is Open through Thursday, February 7th.


Ready to Commit to FIGHT CLUB…Click Here:


Fight Club is a 10-week journey, consisting of only 3 to 4 meetings, where men pursue a goal and accomplish it together.  This journey is not easy, but requires discipline, the camaraderie of your fellow brothers in Christ, and a desire to be a godly example to your wife and children/grandchildren.  Men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability.  A 3-strike rule applies to all challenges.  These challenges change weekly and cover 4 categories: spiritual, relational, intellectual and physical; sometimes they are challenging, sometimes just for fun. As Christian men, we need to be challenged, we need accountability, and we need other brothers in Christ in our lives.  Fight Club brings all of these in a challenging and encouraging way into our lives, our families and our churches.


AKA camaraderie, is a core ingredient of Fight Club.  The idea that “we’re in this together”, that there is a band of brothers supporting one another, is pure adrenaline in the veins of this ministry.  In Fight Club this is experienced in four main ways:

  • Large Group Gatherings – in the 10 week quarter, there will be 2 or 3 large group gatherings consisting of a kickoff (Jan 12th), one or two mid-quarter gatherings, and a graduation.
  • Smaller Groups (Squadrons) – a squadron is a group of 8-12 men with a Squadron leader This is the forum where breakfast meetings or pick-up games are scheduled, where prayer requests are shared and where assignments are reported on.
  • Online (via Closed Facebook Group) – with the pace of life, it’s hard to make face-to-face meetings happen, but it’s easy to interact online. As members of a closed, invitation only Facebook Group, Fight Club men share requests, pray for and encourage each other, and keep updated on each other’s lives.  Many assignments involve completing a task and posting a photo on the Fight Club Facebook page.
  • Accountability Groups – at the beginning of the 10 weeks, the first assignment is to form a group of 2-3 Fight Club men who will hold each other accountable on matters of purity and integrity and will provide close support within their groups.