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Prayer and Share

March 20, 2020 - May 20, 2020


In these unprecedented times, people all over the world are faced with their own mortality.  It has opened doors of opportunity to share the love of God in Christ with many who otherwise would be resistant.   We are seeking to get at least 100 of our people from Calvert Grace to commit to  Prayer and Share 100. The Prayer and Share 100 is a commitment from March 20th to May 20th, to pray for at least 5 lost people; to pray for their needs during this time of crisis and to pray for their salvation. It is also a commitment to pray and ask God to give you at least one person to share Christ with during the next 2 months.
When you make the commitment, you will be sent a link to join our Band group called Prayer and Share 100. The Band App can be download on your smartphone or Ipad, and/or you can log in on your computer at Band.us.  You must receive the invitation link first before you are able to sign up on the Band Group. The Band Group will enable us to communicate together;  sharing prayer requests, Scriptures, pictures and experiences together with the whole group and individually by separate chat rooms, throughout the next 2 months.  Since most of us are spending a lot of time inside and we are not able to meet together on Wednesdays and Sundays, this will help us stay connected as we continue to join Christ in seeking and saving the lost.

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