Global Missions

In the call of Abram (Abraham), in Genesis 12:1-3, God promises him a four-part blessing: a great nation, a great name, protection, and the blessing of all people. This fourth promise refers to Jesus Christ who comes from the line of Abraham. Through faith in Jesus Christ, people are blessed with eternal life. So God, at the beginning, intended to provide a path for ALL people to be saved.

We see this more clearly played out through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. After rising from the dead, Jesus declares his authority and gives the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). He instructs his disciples (and instructs us) to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations - all people groups. There are more than 17,000 people groups in the world and more than 7,000 of them do not have disciples who are making disciples. These people are defined as unreached people groups.


We partner with and send missionaries from here to the nations as we respond to the Great Commission and as we embrace the reality that we are blessed to be a blessing.

Our focus areas in the world

  • United Kingdom
  • Eastern Europe
  • Central Africa
  • Southeast Asia
  • Japan

In these regions, we have partnerships with over 30 missionaries.
Our priorities as a church, through the guidance of our Global
Missions Team are: Pray, Give, Go. It is our desire to be united as a
church in prayer for our overseas missionaries; to be faithful in
giving to support those that are called to cross-cultural missions,
and to provide opportunities and equipping for short-term
mission trips for our church family of all ages.

If God is calling you to share the gospel with the nations, we would
love to talk with you about that.

Get Involved

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