Our Grace Serves group had a full day of outreach on Saturday, October 14th serving in D.C. and at Farming 4 Hunger in Calvert County.   Thank you to those from our congregation who were the hands and feet of Christ on this day of outreach!  There are many opportunities to join a Grace Serves Day of Outreach within our local community throughout the year – we hope YOU can join us next time!  Below are some comments from those who attended:

D.C. Trip

“We joined About My Father’s business from D.C. , Clinton GBC and Northwest chapel to put on a Superhero party for the families of the D.C. Family shelter.  The Shelter asked Pastor Stephen if he and his church would put on this festival for those in the shelter because they do so much for the homeless week in and week out.
Approximately 300 homeless men, women and children attended; we gave out 300 blessing bags, our teens did 2 puppet shows, face painting, and we shared Christ with those who were present.  Our goal was to encourage AMFB and show and share the love of Christ with all that attended.”      ~ Pastor Joe

“I had the opportunity to go to the DC Carnival yesterday.  When we arrived we were given a paper wrist band and it had the letters AMFB written on it.  It took me a little while to figure out what it stood for…I can be a little slow (LOL).  AMFB = About My Father’s Business.  When I said those words out loud, I realized it was exactly what this day

was all about.  Painting the faces of little kids, performing puppets, and sharing the love of Jesus.  I was just being busy about my Father’s business”  ~ Tanya White

Farming 4 Hunger Trip

 Several high school students from youth group and I had the opportunity to help out at Serenity Farms. They are part of a program called Farm for Hunger. Not only do they grow food for people who don’t have enough, they also provide a positive environment for local inmates to work, and to acclimate back into society. Once we got to the farm, we and several others groups walked down to the barn. The director of the farm spoke to us about their goal, to help both the community, and the inmates. In the barn, the back wall is covered with almost two hundred pictures, all of people who have lost their lives due to drug overdoses. The wall across from it is the wall of second chances. There are just as many, if not more people on that wall. They are all inmates who have worked at the farm, turned their lives around, and are now employed and successful. We worked side by side with several inmates helping out at the farm. In just a few hours we picked 8,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and some tomatoes as well. Once our work was done, everyone went back up to the barn to hear one of the inmates speak for a few minutes. This was by far the most powerful part of the whole experience for me. The inmates name is Will. He explained to us that his nickname is “Arrow”, because he is God’s arrow. Will told us that he loved to rap.

However, he no longer raps about negative topics, but instead he raps for the Lord. He did three songs for us. The first was called “He could do for you”. The chorus said “he could do for you what he did for me.” It was all about how God had taken Will’s life into his own hands and turned it around. His next song was called “My Testimony”. In the song, he explained that it was his testimony, and his life, but it was God’s story. Last but not least, he rapped “Feelin’ like a jet”. It was about how much he loves Jesus, and how his love makes him feel like he is soaring. One line said “I hope that when I get to heaven I’ll see you there.” He knows exactly where he is going. Before we left, he told us that yes, he was still locked up. But, he said, I am free. I am spiritually free because I am saved. It was amazing to see how the Lord has worked in his life. Thank you.    ~Claire Voshell



October 23, 2017