Exploring FaithJune 9, 2016

Exploring Faith

Ever wonder why you are here – why any of us are here for that matter? Do you have big questions for God, about God? No matter where you are in life, if you seek God with all or your heart and soul you will find Him, and in Him, the answers for life. We would consider it a privilege to join you on your faith journey, as you seek answers for your life.

Who Is Jesus?

The simple answer is – Jesus is God. God, as Jesus, came to earth and became a man, like us in every way except one – Jesus always lives completely the way God calls us to live; we call that “sinless”. Jesus came to provide the way for us to restore our relationship with God. Click here to read more…


Do you have questions about life, God, faith? One-to-One provides you with someone to sit with, in a casual, safe, setting, to talk about the big things and little things of life you want to explore. You will find a listening ear and a loving heart, as we walk beside you in your life journey. Contact Us.

Foundations of Faith

Each fall and spring, we offer a study in the basics of our faith as found in God’s Word. The material answers the question of why we believe what we believe about our faith. You will find the material and discussion suited for the new believer, as well as seasoned church member, graciously presented in a relaxed atmosphere, where all questions are welcome and discussion encouraged. View the Course Outline.

Living Out Your Faith

The emphasis in this group study is to gain an understanding of what God desires of us in terms of living in a way that reflects and shares our faith. The material is broken down into two sections: understanding how we are called to live, and practical ways to live how we are called. Living Out Your Faith Syllabus.

Grace Connections

This informal, discussion-based, 2-week Sunday School class helps those new to our community learn what we believe, the history of our church and ways to get connected here at Grace.  Visit our events calendar for upcoming class dates.