This past weekend, 200 ladies descended on Grace Brethren Church our local and neighboring communities for our Women’s Event, Joy for the Journey.  Our session opened with this message:

“The Bible teaches that JOY is a fruit, or evidence, of God living in us.  It is a by-product of God’s presence and sanctifying work in our lives.  So more of God will naturally equal more joy!  Joy is also a choice!  Life comes at us hard, and often distracts and destroys any sense of joy that we have as Christians.  Have you looked at the news headlines lately?  The world seems to have run a muck.  How about your “heart” headlines?  Happiness seems to come and go as our circumstances change.  Draw near sisters, and let’s stock up on the stuff “rejoicing is made of!  Where are you in your journey with God?  Who doesn’t long for more joy along the journey of life?  Let’s step away for a few hours together to pray, breath easy, listen and learn.  God is here.  Lean into Him and let His presence wash over you.”

Guest Speaker, Sue Heimer, the president and founder of Leaving Your Legacy Ministries, spent the weekend sharing wonderful scriptural truth on how to find and keep joy in our lives.  Alice Adams remarked, “Our speaker showed us through scripture how to leave all our “junk” at the cross.  Thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can experience true Joy”.    Additionally, the fellowship and food was amazing.  And,  all of our breakout sessions left us feeling renewed.  We were able to dive into topics ranging from “Finding Joy in the Midst of Motherhood” to “Finding Joy in Healthy Living” to “Finding Joy in Knowing God’s Truth”.   Thank you to all of the women who led a breakout session – Denise Fuller, Susie Agnolutto, Aimee Reynolds, Julie Leach, Emily Hornickel, Peg Connell, Anna Carpenter and Lynn Sturgell.

This truly was a joy filled weekend!  The ladies in attendance had an opportunity to leave worries at the foot of the cross and give over burdens to the Lord.  We have the God given right to be Joyful as Christian women.  Likewise, we have the God given blessing to ask His help with all the things in life that steal our joy.   Let the Lord remind each of us that JOY is:  the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right, and the determined choice to praise God in all things.

October 27, 2017