Join us on January 27 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM to hear from some of our missionaries, church members, and staff as we are inspired, challenged, and equipped to share the gospel with the lost from here to the nations. This is an event you won't want to miss! Schedule, registration, and more info on our keynote speakers and workshops below.

Keynote speaker


Dave Guiles

Dave currently serves and leads the 20+ countries of the global Charis Alliance as the movement enters a new chapter of cooperation in planting churches, training leaders, and blessing communities. He also continues to serve Encompass as Director of Missional Partnerships. Dave has written three books and spoken at countless churches and conferences to inspire and equip leaders and volunteers alike.

Dave and Sue Guiles (2023)

Dave and Sue live near the Encompass Mobilization Center in Atlanta, GA. Sue is developing a ministry of intercessory prayer and encouragement for the spouses of global leaders and women in key leadership roles. They have four married children and five grandchildren.


Keynote Address 1
Let's go... work God's fields! (Part 1)
Dave Guiles

The New Testament frequently employs farming terms to describe our responsibility toward the non-believing world. These rich metaphors not only help us better understand the process of making disciples … they also invite us to find our unique role in ‘working God’s fields!’

Keynote Address 2
Let's go... work God's fields! (Part 2)
Dave Guiles

What fields has God already sent you to work? Where might he be sending you soon? We'll discuss these things together in our closing keynote.


During the conference, you'll have four workshops to choose from during the break-out sessions, offered multiple times so you can prioritize the day as you desire. Our workshops are focused on inspiring us to live more passionately for Christ, challenging us to live more sacrificially for Him, and equipping us with practical steps to glorify Him. Each workshop will incorporate rich teaching with engaging discussion and interaction. Our prayer team will have an interactive prayer room and be available to pray with you throughout the day as God moves and speaks to us.

Below is the list of workshops offered.

Workshop A
My Next Stop: Specific Ways I can Engage in Cross-cultural Ministry
Led by Dave Guiles

Wondering how you can help make disciples among the diverse ethnic peoples of our world? In this workshop, we’ll help you better understand the multiple ways you can engage in cross-cultural ministry, regardless of your limitations of time, ability, or finances.

Workshop B
Pray Earnestly
Led by Matt Leach

Jesus prayed often and commanded us to pray earnestly for God's laborers. But what does that look like? In this workshop, we'll briefly look at how Jesus told us to pray and then - we're going to pray!

Workshop C
The Domino Effect: The Power of Faithful Living
Led by Joy Meekins

Jesus was intentional - what does it look like for you to be, too? Join us as we unpack the vision, passion, and skills to follow Jesus for a lifetime and help others do the same.

Workshop D
The Harvest is Plentiful, but the Laborers are Few
Led by Chris Gill

Sometimes being a "laborer" for the Lord is overwhelming, tiring, or lonely. And other times its a source of great joy, passion, and Encouragement for those laboring, a challenge to those not yet, tools to get started


8:30   Coffee and Donuts - Gym
9:00   Welcome/Worship - Worship Center
9:15   Worship and Keynote 1: Let's go... work God's fields! (Part 1) with Dave Guiles
9:55   Workshops Session 1
10:50   Workshops Session 2
11:45   Workshops Session 3
12:30   Lunch and Table Discussions - Gym
1:45   Worship and Keynote 2: Let's go... work God's fields! (Part 2) with Dave Guiles
2:30   Conference end
2:45   Short-Term Missions Info Session - Amphitheater

With the calling Jesus has given us and the unfinished task at hand both at home and around the world, join us January 27 to be inspired, challenged, and equipped.