“I saw God work [at MOMENTUM] on the very first night when over two hundred people accepted Christ into their lives.”

-Jenna Tompkins (Northern High School, 9th)

“To me, it [MOMENTUM] a big eye opener! Sean McDowell challenged a lot of Christians to talk to atheists differently and to understand more about the Bible.”

-Stephanie Arnone (Northern High School, 12th)

“I believe MOMENTUM was a big step in my walk of faith. Seeing Christian friendships made and strengthened really showed me how great and important it is to have those, to have people to help point you in the right direction. It was really powerful to see God moving throughout over 2,000 students at one time and to experience the Holy Spirit first hand!”

-Alex Sheehan (Northern High School, 10th)

“Well, I saw God in the fact that these students are hungry, as in they are willing to learn all they can about Christ and the Bible. They asked some pretty deep questions that left me seeking my own answers at the end (and I had the boys that had just finished 8th grade!).

-Matt Walk (Youth Leader)

“The speakers at MOMENTUM this year were very powerful, and it was easy to see how God was working through every one of them to reach each person there. I loved the sense of fellowship and how much closer we were able to become with both members of our own youth group and people from other churches.”

-Claire Voshell (Northern High School, 9th)

“My MOMENTUM experience was great! It was my first year going and I loved it! I saw God working through all the people we were able to help through our outreach project!”

-Victoria White (Northern High School, 10th)

“This was my first MOMENTUM and it was a great experience! I saw God at work when we went to one of our outreach projects and people allowed us to pray for them!”

-Tanya White (Northern High School, 11th)

“MOMENTUM was a great experience. I learned a lot more about myself and about God and how He works. I learned that it’s important to come back to God every day and live for Him in your daily life. Coming back to God on a daily basis for me has made a world of difference!”

-Sammie Wiles (Southern High School, 10th)

“During my time at MOMENTUM, I learned the importance of continuing to grow in a relationship with God rather than being satisfied with going to church on Sundays and being ineffective with our faith. I saw God work with the guys in our group by allowing each of us to open up to each other and provide care and solutions to some of the similar struggles that we are all dealing with.”

-Spencer Cooper (Huntingtown High School, 12th)

“MOMENTUM was a great experience and I loved getting to know the kids better. I loved watching them all run to the front for the Jordan Howerton Band. It made me think of what heaven will be like and this generation worshiping God with all their heart. The kids that went to the front to go into full time ministry were very moving. Everyone left the conference changed and ready to share what God had done for them. I just loved being there!”

-Lori Warriner (Youth Leader)

“It was humbling to watch young people approaching their faith in an intentional, tangible, and serious way. It was even more humbling to realize the efforts of the members of the body of Christ, over countless loving hours and years, is what prepared these kids for a week of deepening their faith and commitments.”

-Bill Voshell (Youth Leader)

“Our students’ willingness to let God lead them was so evident at MOMENTUM this year. God really touched their hearts and minds, making them more willing to serve Him in whatever way He leads them.”

-Sue Soderstrom (Youth Leader)

“My last MOMENTUM was absolutely fantastic! There is no better place to grow closer to God and to your friends!”

-Jewel Vaughn (Southern High School, 12th)

August 25, 2017