You Are Sent

You Are Sent – To Seek and Save the Lost

As followers of Jesus, our priorities are His priorities. We are reminded of the reason Jesus came to earth – to Seek and Save The Lost.

You Are Sent – Globally

We refer to this passage often. We are called to go and make disciples of ALL nations. As sent ones, believers who have our identity in Christ, commissioned by him, we are entrusted with the opportunity and the responsibility to see that all nations, all people groups, hear the gospel. We do this collectively as a church as we pray and give to missionaries around the world. Each of us should also ask and be open to the Lord leading us to go ourselves. You are sent globally.

You Are Sent – Locally

The Son of Man, Jesus, came to seek and save the lost and he came to serve. The posture of a servant is one who not only is humble but one who also seeks opportunities to find people who are in a time and place of needing to be served. Jesus’ example of serving others went as far as to give his life up, providing the path for humanity to be at peace with God. We are called to serve others to the point of bringing peace to their lives, especially those in our communities. You are sent locally.

You Are Sent – Personally

It can be daunting to consider ourselves as sent ones in a world that has so many people who are lost. The evil one wants us to believe that any effort to share the gospel will be in vain, but that is not true. God is at work and we need to be alert for where he is working. Our calling as sent ones is to connect with the people around us, demonstrate and declare the gospel, and dig deeper into relationships where people are receptive to hearing about Christ. You are sent personally.

You Are Sent – Prayerfully

Jesus instructs us, in recognizing the great need for people to share the gospel in the world, to start by doing the most important work first: pray. All throughout Jesus’ ministry, we read about his habit of prayer. If we are sent like Jesus, we must prioritize prayer like Jesus did. And as we pray for the Lord to send out laborers to his harvest, we just might become the answer to our own prayers. You are sent prayerfully.

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