Run the Race to Win the Prize

March 31, 2019

Joe Couch • 1 Corinthians 9:24-26

From the series: Dear Church

We can easily persuade ourselves that our faith is something we "coast" into heaven on.  That our faith is something we simply profess and then go about life as we did before, except we have "punched our ticket" for eternity.  As Paul encourages the people with his passion to be all things to all people that they might accept the good news of Jesus, he explains to them what it takes for him to do this.  He has to be disciplined in his faith every bit as much as a rummer would need to be disciplined to win a race.  Our faith is not a passive investment in our future - it is to be an active involvement with God in the present; growing in our own relationship with God, so He can use us to bring others into his family.  We are called to pursue it with the same discipline we would exercise if we were running to win the price in a race, because eternity with God is the biggest prize for eternity!

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