Flee Immorality!

March 10, 2019

Dario Agnolutto • 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

From the series: Dear Church

Paul’s admonition to hold one another accountable for their conduct led him to elaborate on the importance of living a life as God’s holy people; set apart from the ways of the world.  While emphasizing the consequences of sexual immorality, Paul includes it among other worldly behaviors that are not consistent with the Kingdom of God, and which cannot exist within the Kingdom of God.  Upon our profession of faith in Jesus, we become one with Him in body and spirit.  Consequently, we cannot claim to be His and live in a way that is contrary to Who He is in his Holiness.  Paul’s instruction to “flee” sexual immorality, is contrary to what the world calls us to.  This instruction isn’t popular outside the church, or sadly, inside the church.  It is seen by some as outdated and legalistic.  Regardless of what the world may think, however, God’s word is clear – sexual immorality defiles the dwelling place of God in the believer.

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