January 9, 2022

Dario Agnolutto • Matthew 4:8–10

From the series: Ships of the Church

In a time when we can’t keep up with all the things of the world clamoring for our attention, it is more important than ever, as God’s people, that we recognize where and what God desires our attention to be focused on. The enemy is clever and is working to have us chasing the agendas of the world versus THE ONLY AGENDA of God’s Word - Jesus. We cannot allow ourselves to be lead astray from a focus to be living for Jesus in all we do. Time is growing shorter for the world to come to know what we have been blessed to have revealed to us – that Jesus is the salvation of the world. As we begin a new year, we will be reminded from God’s Word what His calling and expectation for us is as His Church here at Calvert Grace.

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