Dillard Menchan

The Lord has blessed me with a reasonably productive life along with fairly sound health for one past the promised 70th birthday. In addition, I have a small cadre of good friends.

I was baptized in my twenties, but my relationship with the Lord did not flourish until after the tragic death of my first wife from colon cancer. After several bereavement counseling activities which were not comforting, a friend recommended Bible Study. This avenue was foreign to me. However after attending the second class, I recognized how fulfilling was Jesus love in time of sorrow. This is when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Afterwards, I sought additional opportunities to study the Word. My latter years have flourished through my relationship with the Lord, and His reward of a second wonderful wife.

Those who know me are aware that I am an avid Philadelphia (the city of my birth) sports fan. The Eagles, Phillies, Villanova Wildcats, I root for all of them that represent my hometown. However, only a few of them understand that the Lord granted me the spiritual gift of “encouragement.” I seek opportunities to use this capability whenever possible. I trust that the Lord will provide additional occasions to utilize this endowment for His glory.