Joe Couch

I grew up in Arkansas, so Razorback football and basketball, duck and deer hunting and going to church were what life was all about, and in that order. At the age of 10, I heard the good news of God’s great love for me, in Jesus Christ. I realized my sin separated me from God and that I needed Christ as my Savior; so, I confessed my sin to God and placed my life and eternity in the care of Jesus Christ, the One who died and rose again for me!
Since that time, my life has been a journey and an adventure that I could not have imagined. I have come to realize, not only was I saved by God’s grace alone, but that I am kept close to God by His grace alone. I have had many ups and downs, some successes and many failures, but through all of it, the Lord Jesus has kept me close to Him and never left me alone.
I’ve been in ministry over 20 years, I have an amazing wife, Ruth, and 4 wonderful children – Mary-Catherine, Luke, Mark and Caleb. I still enjoy football and basketball, duck and deer hunting, lifting weights, P90X and Insanity, I think those things are just in my DNA! I am a Pastor and I have a passion for the whole world to know Jesus Christ and love Him so much that they have to tell others about Him. I do this, NOT to gain anything from God, but to say, I love You, thank You, for making me Your child!