Dan Haas

I usually feel more comfortable serving in supporting roles, but over the years, God has led me one step at a time through different circumstances and opportunities that have caused me to grow in faith and vision for what he can accomplish through me. I believe God gives us strengths to minister to those who are weak in those areas, I believe our weaknesses keep us relying on God’s strength, keep us thankful for the gifts of others, and help us relate to each other’s needs. I believe he gives us growth so that we are available for his purposes. After seeing God’s direction about becoming an elder I have concluded that a church needs elders with a variety of different leadership abilities including those he has given to me. I want to encourage this ministry to grow as a healthy community of believers who follow the example and teachings of Jesus, worship God wholeheartedly, are led by the Holy Spirit, build each other up, and reach out with the love or God to our local community and around the world.