Urban Hope Trip 2020

In my day to day life, I used to see prayer as just something that people should do and
something to help one grow their relationship with God. While those things are true, during my
recent trip with the high school youth group to Urban Hope in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the
Lord was showing me that prayer means so much more than that. One of the nights we were there,
we had the opportunity to hand out food, pass out warm clothing, and pray over many of the
homeless people living in the area. As I handed a shivering young man a small jacket, I asked if
I could pray for him, he gladly agreed. Afterward, as I stood up and walked away from that,
cold and hungry young man, I felt defeated and broken. I turned away from the group to hold back
tears because I had nothing else to give him. We were out of jackets, gloves, hats, and food. I
thought, “What good can my simple, little prayer do for him? Did it even mean anything to him?”
Those were the thoughts running through my head for the next few hours after we had left. I
believe that God has done and will continue to do great things through the power of prayer, but
sometimes I forget to realize that not only do my prayers matter to the people I’m praying over
but that prayer matters to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. When I came to that realization
after speaking with our group later that night, the idea that I had done nothing for that young
man in the streets faded and were replaced by feelings of hope and joy knowing that not only
were my prayers heard but that they will be answered by the Lord Most High. It is
as if God used that prayer to impact my heart as much as He did to that young man who I was praying over.
Funny how God works in ways that we hadn’t expected.

    • Justin Bauckman