Men's Wilderness Retreat 2018

nd weekend of October, men gather there to meet with God and encourage one another.  It is a deeply spiritual time that is life-changing.  Whatever the weather happens to be, it is seen as something God is using as He works in our lives for a specific purpose that weekend.  We camp out in the wilderness, away from all technology, and join as brothers in Christ to experience the Lord Jesus Christ in a very personal and practical way. This year, we had 7 men go from Calvert Grace Brethren, there were around 30 men total that were there. The trip is not easy, you camp in the cold and cook over a fire, but it is amazing; the beauty of this place is mesmerizing, the fellowship of a brotherhood of men is probably the most encouraging thing I have ever been a part of, and the specific ways that God spoke to each of us in our personal lives was powerful.  To experience this with these other men from our church is something I will not forget; for me personally, this was life-changing! ~ Pastor Joe Couch