2017 Winter Luau – Valentine’s Day Dinner

The valentine’s day dinner is something that the church has done for as long as I can remember. It is always a blessing to see how many people enjoy coming every year, and continue to come again and again. Now I have never gone to the dinner as a guest, but I have been a server for the past 5-6 years. I have loved serving the community through this dinner, and I have enjoyed the various types of entertainment we have done over the years. Working this dinner has shown me how close this community is to one another. How we are able to come together for one night, friends and strangers alike, and just enjoy good food, entertainment, and each other’s company.

We worked in different groups throughout the night, and we do our best to divide them up evenly, so that each team has a balanced group of kids to work together. These groups are also made up of kids who are performing the entertainment, believe it or not. The kids who serve all night not only bring food and drinks, but also put on a wonderful show (take a peak at one of the performances in the video above).

Now this dinner is not just done to entertain and provide amazing food for its guests. It is also done to help raise money for the kids working it to have amazing opportunities to go out and do missions trips, go to youth conferences all over the country, and many more exciting activities. Because of this community that has a love for its youth, these kids are able to go and learn new things about what it means to be a Christian, and how they are able to share their faith. We would love to thank everyone who has supported the youth in the past, or who has continued to support them. You are giving these kids a once in a lifetime chance to go out and live their lives for Christ.

Submitted by: Jase Gentry

March 27, 2017