In John's Gospel, after Jesus' resurrection, he appears to the disciples and says: "As the Father has sent me, even so, I am sending you." As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are sent ones. We are sent on a mission with a task. That mission is to bring glory to God and that task is to be witnesses to the good news of salvation found in Christ alone.

If you believe that and want to dive deeper into our mission, this event is for you. If you don't believe that yet - this event is for you, too!

Join us on February 25 from 9 AM to 2 PM to hear from some of our missionaries, church members, and staff as we are inspired, challenged, and equipped to share the gospel with the lost from here to the nations. This is an event you won't want to miss! Schedule, registration, and more info on our keynote speakers and workshops below.

Keynote speakers


Tom & MaryAnn Barlow
Having served in the UK and France with Encompass for over 35 years, the Barlows bring a fresh and deep understanding to bringing God glory from the conference table to the dinner table.


Jason & Christy Carmean
From leading churches in Ohio to discipling pastors and families in Cameroon, the Carmeans bring an expertise and context to making disciples from here to the nations.


During the conference, you'll have six workshops to choose from during the break-out sessions, offered multiple times so you can prioritize the day as you desire. Our workshops are focused on inspiring us to live more passionately for Christ, challenging us to live more sacrifically for Him, and equipping us with practical steps to glorify Him. Each workshop will incorporate rich teaching with engaging discussion and interaction. Our prayer team will have an interactive prayer room and be available to pray with you throughout the day as God moves and speaks to us.

Below is the list of workshops offered.

What if I or someone I love feels called to missions?

One of the hardest things about going to a new place is leaving behind those we love. Come consider how you might be the biggest cheerleader and supporter for someone considering cross cultural missions. And if you feel called yourself, come learn how to process leaving and inviting others into how God is using you in the world.

Led by Jason Carmean, missionary and pastor

How do I live for Jesus at school?

School buildings can feel hostile to the gospel at times while desperately needing it. As a student or teacher, what does it look like to live for Jesus in the classroom, on the field, or around our community? Come join the discussion as we're challenged and encouraged to make Christ known at school.

Led by Clayton Lewis, Compass Student Ministry Director, and Brad Criss, FCA Calvert

How do I really support our global workers?

Living and working in a different culture, global workers and their children are facing challenges that are often similar and very different from those who live in their passport countries. Come explore some of the unique challenges and learn how you can support, encourage, and connect with our global workers.

Led by Christy Carmean, missionary in Cameroon with Encompass

How can I make Jesus the center of my hobby?

Whether we have really great talent or simply want to learn a new skill, join a discussion on how making Jesus the center of our hobbies open opportunities to share our faith.

Led by MaryAnn Barlow, missionary in the UK with Encompass

What does the Bible say about God's heart for the nations?

Long before the Great Commission, God's heart has been for all peoples and nations. From Genesis to Revelation we will walk through Scripture together, looking at examples that tell of a missions-centric God. Together, we will unpack the beauty of this great narrative.

Led by Luke and Jess Bury, missionaries to Germany with ECFA

How do I share the gospel? - A "divine toolbox" for evangelism

Come (re)discover at least seven tools for spreading God’s glory, straight from Scripture. Often, we look for the best method, forgetting some of the most powerful tools given to us by God. And the wide variety is perfect for different learning styles!

Led by Tom Barlow, missionary in the UK with Encompass


8:30   Pre-conference coffee and donuts
9:00   Worship and Keynote 1: What is the point of it all? with Tom Barlow
9:55   Workshops Session 1
10:40  Workshops Session 2
11:25   Workshops Session 3
12:05  Lunch and table discussions
1:10     Worship and Keynote 2: Could he be calling me? with Jason Carmean
2:00   Conference end
2:30   Post-conference info session: Short-term missions 2023

With the calling Jesus has given us and the unfinished task at hand both at home and around the world, join us February 25 to be inspired, challenged, and equipped.